Over the years, nasal irrigators have become the most promising product to deal with nasal health issues. A nasal irrigator is effective not only for relieving acute sinusitis symptoms caused by infections such as the common cold but also for temporary relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis.


As people are having various nasal health issues, the market for nasal irrigators is sure to have a bright future. However, where is the best nasal irrigation machine? Read on to get the best guide.



The Common Devices for Nasal Irrigation

First, let me introduce you to the common devices that use in nasal irrigation:


  1. Bulb Syringes

Generally, the bulb syringes have a bulb shape and are used to clear mucus from the baby’s mouth or nose, as nasal congestion can make it difficult for a baby to breathe. The operation process is as follows:

  • Clean the nostrils with saline;
  • Expel the air from the bulb and place the tip into the nostril;
  • Slowly release your finger to allow air to return to the bulb.


And the suction pulls mucus out of the nose and into the bulb.


  1. Squeeze Bottles

On the other hand, squeeze bottles are mainly used for adult nasal cleaning. They need to be used together with normal saline. The squeeze bottles require the user to slightly lean their head forward, place the nozzle to the side of their nose, and gently squeeze the bottle to have half the solution into their nostrils.


  1. Nasal Irrigators

Compared to squeeze bottles, the nasal irrigators, especially the electric nasal irrigator, require no extra action from users. Put the tip of the nasal irrigator into your nostril, turn on the switch, and it automatically washes out your nose. But remember to clean the device after each use.


All in all, nasal irrigation is generally safe, but care must be taken to keep the nasal flush machine clean and to use a safe, treated water source.


Why Do Nasal Irrigators Wroth Investment

Furthermore, there are reports showing that nasal irrigators help accelerate the transition from COVID-19 positive to negative. The effects of nasal irrigation on COVID-19 are as follows:

  • Flushing the nasal cavity can reduce the production of inflammatory factors;
  • Effectively maintain nasal mucosa humidity;
  • Remove the scale in the nasal cavity;
  • Wash away the pathogen


Nasal Irrigators are not only effective for many people with nasal health problems but also for COVID-19 patients during the pandemic, so who can deny that there is an investment market for nasal irrigators?



The Consideration When Choosing A Nasal Irrigators Supplier

So, what to consider when choosing a nasal irrigator supplier? Here are some tips for buyers:


  1. Supplier with certifications

First of all, a supplier with certifications is the most important consideration. Only suppliers with certifications can produce products that meet the requirements.


  1. Products

Since a certificated nasal irrigator is directly related to customers’ safety, the last thing you want to see is having even more serious nasal issues after using some failing products. Therefore, buyers need to find a supplier who can ensure the specifications, quality, safety, and effectiveness of products.


  1. Competitive price

Last but not least, suppliers with a competitive price are also a factor that must be considered.


Recommend Nasal Irrigator NJ5060 of Fly Cat

From what has been discussed above, the new arrival Nasal Irrigator NJ5060 of Fly Cat could be your best choice for investing in nasal irrigators. It’s a hand-held nasal irrigator with a standard nasal jet tip. Here are its top features of it:


  • Adequate water tank capacity: 20±5ml
  • Long service life battery: lithium battery 1400mAh
  • High motor speed: 6800 times/min
  • Short charging time: 4 hours
  • Multiple modes: ensure different experiences of customers
  • Primetime: less than 15 seconds Water flow rate: ≥ 25mL/min
  • Less noise: less than 60 decibels
  • Waterproof rating: IPX 7 level


All in all, the new NJ5060 from Fly Cat, with the updated technology and best quality, is one of the best nasal irrigators that you’ll find on the market.



About Fly Cat

Fly Cat is a trusted manufacturer dedicated to advanced oral irrigators and nasal irrigators manufacturing. We have been professionals in R&D and OEM/ODM products for about 10 years. We have a wide range of products for you to choose from. For more information, whether it’s about oral irrigators or nasal irrigators, please don’t hesitate to contact us.