Some doctors say that nasal irrigation machine is safe and effective, just like using saline water to wash our eyes to get rid of dust. This method not only can decrease the chance of infection but also make us feel comfortable.


According to a clinical study performed by reputed doctors, a nasal irrigation machine can relieve the symptoms of patients with sinusitis and rhinitis, including sinonasal disease.

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How Does a Nasal Irrigation Machine Work


A nasal irrigation machine is a device using water pressure to clean the nasal cavity to get rid of dust and microorganisms in the nasal cavity.


It helps by cleaning sinuses with saline water helps patients with chronic rhinosinusitis to breathe better, sleep better and avoid postnasal drip or any other symptoms like cough and fever that commonly appear during these infections. Although this method does not cure the disease, it can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms.


Nasal Irrigation Machine Components


A basic electric nasal irrigator is a small device made from plastic and metal. It provides four different functions for sinusitis, allergy relief, and facial rejuvenation.


– Water tank: The water tank holds the saline solution to be used in the nasal irrigation machine, which absorbs the contaminants from your nose.


– Rubber nasal tips: The rubber tips are used to form a seal between the irrigation machine and your nostrils.


– Hose: A hose is also used to maintain a clean, straight line from the water tank to your nose.


– Nose cone: A nose cone fits over the end of the hose and directs your saline solution into the nasal cavity rather than out your mouth.


After knowing the basic structure of the electric nasal irrigator, let’s check how it helps us.

Benefits of Nasal Irrigation Machine


  1. Flush Out Dirt, Pollen, and Other Allergens From the Nose

Using the irrigation machine will flush out all the dirt, pollen, dust, and other allergens in your nose. Thus you can avoid, relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion, stuffiness, and allergies.


  1. Increase Mucus Flow to Open Sinus Passages

If you suffer from nasal congestion, this problem is mainly caused by the thickened mucus in your sinuses. A nasal irrigation machine can help remove the mucus and flow normally, thereby opening up the sinus passages to increase airflow.


  1. Pump Out Fluid and Shrink Swollen Mucous Membranes

By washing away the pollutants and allergens in your nasal cavity, it can help to pump out fluid or mucous accumulated in your sinuses. This helps control the swelling of the membrane lining your nose, making you feel better by decreasing pressure on surrounding tissues.


  1. Improves Breathing and Swelling Subsides

After washing away the dirt and allergens with a nasal irrigation machine, your breathing will improve. The pressure in your sinuses will also decrease, which can relieve headaches or facial pain caused by sinusitis.


  1. Prevent Sinus Infections and Chronic Sinusitis

By washing away the pollutants which cause infection, it makes your nasal passages less likely to develop an infection. This device can relieve you from chronic infections in the future and prevent any developing complications in the long run.


How to Use a Nasal Irrigation Machine


1) Fill the water tank with 50 ml of warm saline solution (CH3COONa)

2) Place the rubber nasal tip on one end of the nose cone

3) Insert the nose cone into one nostril while keeping your head upright

4) Point the other end of the hose away from you and place it in the water tank

5) Lean over a sink or place a towel beneath you to catch any spills

6) Start the pump and allow water to flow through the hose and out the nozzle for 1-2 minutes at most. Do not overuse an irrigation machine, which may result in loss of sense of smell or cause damage to your nasal cavity. You can use it once per day, about four times for each session.

7) Blow your nose gently to remove water in your nasal cavity. You can use a tissue or towel for this purpose.

8) Wash the nose cone and rubber tip with warm water and mild soap, rinse well with warm water to remove any leftover solution.

How to Choose the Right Nasal Irrigation Machine


Choosing the right nose irrigator for you is very important. It should be made of high-quality materials for safety and durability. The nasal irrigation machine also should be easy to operate and convenient for you to use.


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