With improving people’s living standards, oral health issues are gaining wider attention than ever before. According to reports, the global oral cleaning care products industry continues to grow steadily. In addition to various types of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mouthwashes, intelligent electric toothbrushes and electric oral irrigators are especially favored by the younger generation. And using a portable oral irrigator has even become a trend in the groups who care about oral health. And why the electric oral irrigators are so popular? Here are four main reasons. 

Four Benefits of Using Dental Irrigator:


  1. Utilizing the properties of water, an irrigator for teeththoroughly cleans fine teeth, gum sulcus, and the dead space at the back of the mouth in 360°.


  1. No matter the countertop or the portable oral irrigator, it can effectively clean food debris between teeth and gums without damaging gums.


  1. The electric oral irrigator effectively removes plaque and tartar by using the water stream’s pressure and the pulse’s impact.


  1. The proper impact of water flow can also play a massage effect on the gums and promote blood circulation of the gums. 


The demand for high-grade and high-quality dental, medical devices, and materials is growing. However, the market for oral health products is very promising. If you are looking forward to entering this market, you are welcome to visit some industry exhibitions to find more trusted manufacturers effectively. 


Related Exhibitions


Major trade shows in the oral health industry include the Dental South China International Expo in Guangzhou and the Appliance & Electronics World Expo in Shanghai. 


Recently, Fly Cat attended the Dental South China International Expo in Guangzhou from March 2nd to 5th. And the new design portable oral irrigator model FC5090 and model FC5170 became the highlight of the booth and became a hit in the exhibition. 

New Design Portable Oral Irrigator Being Displayed


There are mainly two product series of electric oral irrigators, including the portable oral irrigators and the countertop ones. At the fair of Dental South China in March, the portable oral irrigator FC5090 and FC5170 attracted many visitors during the exhibition. So let’s check more information about them. 


Portable Oral Irrigator FC5090: Highest Cost-Effective Choice


The new design FC5090 has two classic colors for choosing, white and black. Its great performance with a competitive price makes it the highest cost-effective choice. 


  1. The body combines an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip.
  2. The pioneered upper and lower water tank structure with a 300ml capacity water tank is convenient and keeps clear. 
  3. 1400 high-frequency pulse water flow is combined with 0.6mm slim nozzle, effective cleaning of the tooth space, and reducing gum irritation.
  4. 4 modes, users can customize water pressure adjustment from low to high.
  5. IPX7 waterproof level of the whole body. It is worry-free rinsing.
  6. It has a high capacity 2000mAh lithium battery, once charged for two weeks. 


Portable Oral Irrigator FC5170: Lovely and Pocket Size Oral Nurse


  1. Mini and portable size, it fits the palm one-handed operation.
  2. Fashionable sliding cover is designed to protect the panel.
  3. It has an intelligent pull-out design and an easy-fill reservoir.
  4. Built-in 1000mAh large capacity battery can meet the requirement of daily use. 
  5. There are three basic working modes, Normal/Soft/Pulse, easy to choose and use. 
  6. Effervescent tablet storage box design is independent.
  7. Unique multi-layered color design is eye-catching.


FC5090 and FC5170 are two popular portable oral irrigators in the booth during the Dental South China 2022. Expect these two models; we at Fly Cat also have various designs and functions of oral irrigators with different prices to meet customers’ needs. 


Make A Conclusion


As a professional oral irrigator manufacturer, we at Flying Cat attach great importance to research and development. We have a professional R&D team. Our products have been awarded more than 16 patents, and our technology is in the leading position in the industry. Meanwhile, we pay attention to the quality of our products, and they have obtained international certifications such as RoHS, UL, CE, FDA, CQC, and so on. In addition, we offer OEM and ODM services to respond to customers’ requirements quickly. We are your best choice if you are looking for a trusted oral health manufacturer! Contact our sales team now to get more information!