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Fly Cat Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional nasal and oral irrigator manufacturer that is the ideal supplier for the industry of personal care, oral care, consumer electronics, and medical institution. Our efficient production capabilities allow us to wholesale orders in record time.

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Fly Cat Oral Care is a trusted Chinese oral irrigator manufacturer. Professed in R&D and OEM/ODM of nasal and oral irrigators for 10 years, our products range from oral irrigators to nasal irrigation devices. We always believe that technology cleaning makes life healthier. Read More 

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To help make your oral irrigators stand out in this competitive market, we offer an extensive range of customization options, from material to packaging. Back with over 10 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts specializes in bringing your dream oral irrigator design into reality. Guided by ISO and SGS quality management, we promise every part of our oral irrigator is of the highest quality.


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Customer Feedback

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I have been trying to get my husband to floss for years! It’s one of the very few arguments we have. On a whim, I ordered this to see if I could get him to use a water flosser, thinking if nothing else, I’ll use it. As soon as this arrived, I set it up. It is really easy to put together. The water tank locks on with a twist. I like that it detaches because the larger hole makes it WAY easier to clean.

Lexy Shauers

Every time I go to my dentist, he asks if I flossed every day. I tell him before I go to his office, which means obviously no. I decided to order this item, since it looked very easy to use and I really liked the black color. Upon using I noticed the water pressure was very strong at the tip. The amount of debris that came out of my teeth was impressive and was far cleaner than before using this water flosser. Comes with 4 tips, 2 tip cases, and a USB charger. Works with power banks. The size is very compact and is travel size., since it is cordless. This flosser, comes with 3 modes, so you can chose one to your liking. I liked the soft mode the best, since the normal mode is very strong. Gets the job done and satisfies the dentists minimum request to care for your teeth. Highly recommended to improve dental hygiene.


They have three setting – normal, slow and pulse. Normal is very hard, I’m sure it would be perfect for most people – I use it on most of my teeth, but I have some implants (because of an old accident) and it’s way too strong of a stream around them. The soft works mostly for them. It doesn’t leak. The ends are easy to change. It’s easy to charge. I recommend using it in the shower (which is what my dentist suggested) as it goes everywhere! I turned it on in the bathroom initially over the sink and it was only on for a few seconds and the place got soaked. 

Book fans

So far, so good. I received it about a month ago. My dental hygienist recommended a water flosser and told me not to spend a lot of money. I found this one and I’m very satisfied. The reservoir is large and detachable which makes cleaning and filling easy. The strength of the water on “normal” is strong enough to get food out from between the teeth (yes I tried). The battery lasted a solid 3 weeks before it needed charging -with use of at least once but mostly twice a day. For the price I think think was a good deal. I’ll update this review if anything changes.



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