A Portable Oral Irrigator Could Make Dental Care Easier for You

Everyone could suffer from inflammatory gum, sensitivity, or other dental health diseases. And that’s mainly caused by the absence of attention to your dental care.


However, the good news is that a portable oral irrigator is a godsend to remedy the dire situation. While the oral irrigator prevents the progression of the harmful dental condition, it also enhances oral health. So you know, oral irrigation is implied to be a dental procedure that sweeps out bacteria, plaque, and other dangerous microorganisms from teeth. Therefore, these portable oral irrigators avert the accumulation of harmful bacteria stuck in small spaces between teeth.

Why Choose Portable Oral Irrigators for Dental Care?

People use portable oral irrigators for several different reasons to improve oral health:


  1. Removing Plaque and Reducing Inflammation

Scientifically, portable oral irrigators help reduce several clinical parameters, including plaque, bleeding, periodontal pathogens, gingivitis, and probing depth. Similarly, oral irrigation has also shown a reduction in inflammatory mediators. In particular, bacteria caused by periodontal disease ramp up cytokine levels that lead to bone resorption. People feel significant improvement in periodontal disease thanks to daily oral irrigation that reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines.


  1. Large Cleaning Coverage

Because of the strange shape of teeth or imperfect alignment, some people trap more food debris in their teeth than others. In this context, people who are more susceptible to getting food entrapped in their teeth should use portable oral irrigators. At the same time, people who wear braces tend to get food debris stuck behind brackets and beneath wires. Several forms of dental problems can arise in the presence of plaque around brackets for a long time.  


However, the challenging areas in which food particles get stuck can seamlessly go away with portable oral irrigators. Unlike conventional brushing and flossing cover, electric oral irrigators reach even places where only water can go while being the perfect device to clean problem areas.


  1. Safe to Use

When it comes to cleaning problematic dental areas, people get rid of the pain suffered by regular string flossing with the help of portable oral irrigators. With the availability of different modes, people set it on the sensitive mode for gently sweeping out as much as possible. As a result, portable oral irrigators do not cause any damage to teeth or gums.

Here Comes the FC5090 of Fly Cat

We introduce you to our exclusive and advanced FC5090, the best water flosser, which has become the talk of the town among our clientele. Here we discuss the reasons for its widespread popularity:


  • High-Frequency Pulse Water Flow

Thanks to a high-frequency and strong pulse water jet, our FC5090 oral irrigator cleans teeth with one flush. While talking about the accurate figures, it has a 1200-1400 times/minute quantity of water jet pulse and around 20-115 psi water pressure range. Unlike dental floss, it is more beneficial since it leads to convenient teeth cleaning and reduced dental plaque. 


  • 6mm Delicate Water Column

Though the FC5090 oral irrigator has a 300ml big water tank to add water conveniently and quickly, with a 0.6mm water column, the FC5090 oral irrigator gently sweeps out dirt and resides between teeth without hurting gums and paves the way for you to give a shining smile.


  • Four Different Modes

Our FC5090 oral irrigator allows users to switch between four modes, from soft to strong:

  • If you’re a first-time user or have sensitive gums, we recommend low-mode.
  • Medium-mode is suitable for daily cleaning.
  • High-mode is effective at deep cleaning.
  • Pulse-mode massages gums and cleans stubborn tartar.

Why Choose Fly Cat to Invest in the Portable Oral Irrigator?

Are you wondering why you should head to Fly Cat to invest in the portable oral irrigator? Well, here we see the reasons to help you make up your mind about that:


  • Availability of Excellent OEM/ODM Services: Our OEM factorywill swiftly fulfill the requirements of our clientele by offering them OEM and ODM services. By using OEM/ODM services, you may make your own oral irrigator brand independently and flexibly..
  • Possession of Various Certifications: Over the course of many years, we have earned international certifications (such as FDA, FCC CE, etc.) and the medical device registration certificate, apart from establishing our nasal and oral medical devices association.
  • The Experienced R&D Development Team: We are proud of our dedicated and professional research and development team since they helped us get over 10 Their concerted effort keeps us ahead in the industry.



Fly Cat offers a range of excellent quality and the best portable oral irrigators that improve the health of the gums and teeth, along with delivering high-quality personal care products. Equipped with professional and advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, we offer a one-stop service and will deliver your order shortly. Overall, by serving the high demands of our clients, we contribute towards healthier and beautiful smiles for so many people like you.