Water Flosser: Is It Worth the Investment?

The best way to prevent plaque and food buildup is to practice good oral hygiene daily by brushing and flossing. However, many people are skeptical about whether a water flosser, also known as an oral irrigator, is worth the investment.

According to Grand View Research and Transparency Market Research, the global water flosser market is growing at a significant CAGR (5.7%) during the forecast period from 2022 to 2023, which means the water flosser is a profitable investment.

What Propels the Global Water Flosser Market?

Increasing Oral Problems

The prevalence of major oral diseases continues to rise globally, mostly because of a high-in-sugar diet and the absence of an effective oral care routine.

Rising Awareness About Oral Care

The growing prevalence of oral diseases and the rising awareness of prevention are creating opportunities for the expansion of the water flossers market.

Growing E-commerce Industry

The booming e-commerce industry is also contributing to the rapidly growing market for water flossers. Investors can accomplish a complete deal online easily.

Convenient Usage of Water Flosser

Convenience is the ultimate reason why water flosser has a growing market.

The Best Water Flosser Investment Choice – Fly Cat Oral Care

As a pioneer and well-reputed brand that is in the business of serving high-quality oral irrigators, Fly Cat is trusted by water flosser investors for the following reasons:

  • Product Advantage

Our water flossers are designed, manufactured, and tested by an effective quality assurance system. To ensure high-quality standards, they only use the latest technology and utilize the most skilled staff in the field. More importantly, all products are safety tested by FDA, RoHS, UL, and CE certification.

  • Capacity Advantage

We own a modern factory that spans over 16,000 square miles and keeps expanding. Four automatic production lines ensure our strong production capacity, and we are able to output around two million products every year.

What Does Fly Cat Offer?

In-stock Oral Irrigators
Customization Options of Water Flossers
Factory Prices
Guaranteed Quality With Warranty
Full After-sales Services
Fast Delivery

Product Recommendations

The FC5091 is portable and safe to use with a big 300ml water tank and a 2000mAh lithium battery, which is enough for home use. The drainage patent design ensures its outstanding anti-leakage performance.

The FC188 equips with a 1000ml big water tank and a unique nozzles container with a UV disinfection function. We offer customization service and 1000 pieces MOQ.

The FC2662 comes with a water tank capacity of 300ml to enjoy flossing for a longer duration. It has five different modes for more flossing fun: low, medium, high grade, pulse, and DIY mode.

For those who are always on the road, FC5170 is the best choice. It has a more portable and fashionable design. Users can easily adjust the water pressure freely with DIY mode.

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