You probably know that you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day and that flossing is important too. But have you considered an oral irrigator? They can provide a quick and effectively deep clean that boosts the results of your brushing and flossing.


Water flossers are becoming popular since it is much easier to use than floss or other oral hygiene tools. It is especially recommended for arthritis, braces, implants, and crowns. Using a portable oral irrigator after brushing teeth will help you get rid of food debris in between your teeth that can cause bad breath and plaque.

The Importance of Portable Oral Irrigators in Oral Health Care


Dental professionals recommend water flossers since they can clean below the gum line and in between teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach, eliminating the need for string floss. The sonic pulses from the water flosser safely and effectively remove plaque while massaging and stimulating gums.


  1. Large Cleaning Range

Compared to a toothbrush, an oral irrigator water flosser can clean better, reaching all areas that need it. It is perfect for braces, implants, crowns, and a bridge. A toothbrush can’t clean these, but a portable oral irrigator does and in between them too.


  1. Gentle but High Effective

A portable oral irrigator is gentle, reducing gum bleeding in problem areas. But despite being so gentle, it is very effective in removing plaque. It doesn’t create harmful micro-bubbles in normal water but can create a peaceful and healthy environment for your teeth and gums. Most oral water flossers have different modes to adjust the pressure so that you can choose the most comfortable one for you.


  1. No Restrictions in User Ranges

In general, oral irrigators are suitable for most people. For example, ordinary people with healthy teeth can use oral irrigators to clean their oral cavity after a meal. In addition, patients with gingivitis, periodontitis, and other oral problems can use a suitable oral water flosser to reduce bleeding gums. Doctors also advise people wearing orthodontic appliances to use a portable oral irrigator for oral cleaning after the meal as it cleans more deeply than a regular toothbrush and floss.


  1. No Space Limitations

Since you can choose a battery-operated and portable device, it makes an excellent choice for people who travel often, as well as those living in small homes or apartments. It is especially helpful if you don’t have a lot of storage room for all the bulky oral hygiene tools you might need, such as a string flosser, regular floss pack, and toothbrush.

Why Choose Fly Cat Portable Oral Irrigator?


There is a wide range of oral irrigators on the market, but the Fly Cat portable oral irrigator is high quality and good design, making it stand out from the rest. The new design portable oral irrigator FC5090 has been welcome since it launched.


  1. High-End and Practical Design

First of all, the Fly Cat portable oral irrigator has a stylish but thoughtful design. It has a curved non-slip raised design, which helps to improve grip and prevent slippage. Most other oral irrigators have a straight cylindrical body, making it more difficult to hold onto with wet hands or having arthritis. It is so important to use this for the long term.


  1. Easy Operation

It is very easy to use. Generally, what you need to do is fill it with water, place it in your mouth and turn on the machine while aiming the pulsating jet at all areas between the teeth that need cleaning. After each session, you can easily remove the nozzle to clean. There is no need to use string floss or regular floss anymore because this portable oral irrigator can do both jobs!


  1. Strong Practicability

It is perfect for those who have braces, implants, and crowns. A toothbrush can’t clean these areas, but this portable oral irrigator can! It can be switched to soft or strong freely, from low, medium, high, and pulse modes. These four different modes can meet every need from various groups in different situations.


  1. Highly Effective Column

The Fly Cat Oral Irrigator has a 0.6mm water column with a high-frequency pulsed operation, effectively removing plaque. It creates microbubbles, which are gentle and healthy for the teeth and gums. The water pressure is adjustable with four different modes to fit individual needs.


  1. Big Capacity

It is easy to fill up the tank, and there’s a large 300ml capacity. It means it holds more water, allowing you to clean your teeth for longer without refilling them again. Unfortunately, many oral irrigators have small tanks that need frequent refills, but this one has a bigger tank, so you can get through your whole mouth care routine without having to refill!

Fly Cat’s Range of Oral Irrigators


In addition to the portable flossers FC5090, Flying Cat, as a professional dental water flosser manufacturer, also offers a range of different sizes but quality oral water flossers, including the Mini Portable Oral Irrigator FC2550 and the Standard Oral Irrigator FC165. Although different in design, they are equally effective in caring for the mouth.




If you’re looking for a trusted oral irrigator manufacturer, you can consider Fly Cat. The oral irrigators from Fly Cat have a high-end design, ease of use, strong practicability, and high effectiveness. Fly Cat is devoted to providing customers with all-rounded oral care.