As we move into a new year, it is time to feel the excitement of new technologies being showcased at CES 2023. This year, the CES 2023 will occur between the 5th and 8th of January. As always, we are going to see a number of new inventions. In the upcoming event, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the best water flosser options on the market, with Fly Cat showcasing a range of our best water flossers at the CES 2023. We’ll be taking a closer look at why these portable oral irrigators are something to look forward to in 2023.

CES 2023

Fly Cat’s Water Flossers Will Be a Hit at CES

At CES 2023, Fly Cat’s best water flosser options are sure to be a hit for a number of reasons. Recently, more research has gone into the topic of using a portable oral irrigator in order to improve dental care and hygiene among individuals.


We are going to take a closer look at some of the main reasons why the best water flosser options from Fly Cat are sure to be a hit:


  1. Studies have found that the use of an oral irrigation system may help toreduce cytokine levels associated with inflammation in the gums.[1] Research also shows that an at-home solution can still provide an efficient, clean in-between dental appointments. [2]
  2. Awareness surrounding the prevention methods available for gum disease has been increasing over the last few years. Multiple campaigns focus on advising the public on how they can prevent gum disease and control existing conditions effectively.
  3. The best water flosser options from Fly Cat also provide appropriate solutions for a diverse range of individuals, including those with existing dental conditions.

Water Flossers Offered By Fly Cat

Since 2013, Fly Cat has been developing top-quality irrigation systems. This includes a range of water flossers that focuses on providing a highly effective clean for the patient’s mouth. Some of the best water flosser options that Fly Cat offers at the moment include:


  • The FC175 is a particularly popular option, featuring a family-friendly design. This is a countertop device that comes with a detachable water flosser at the side. As the best water flosser from Fly Cat, the device offers a large tank and an extendable cable to give the user better reach during flossing.

  • With portability in mind, the FC5090 offers a high-pressure system that is great for producing a deeper clean. The thin point at the top ensures the stream of water can effectively penetrate the space between teeth to remove debris, plaque, and bacteria.

  • Those who frequently travel will find the FC5170 particularly useful. This is the best water flosser for people who need a rechargeable device that is also durable. It comes with a secure storage case and has a built-in lithium battery. Even though compact, the water flosser still offers a tank that holds up to 200ml liquids at a time. The water pressure can be adjusted between 20 and 115 PSI.


Fly Cat offers businesses the ability to easily add new stock to the products they offer their clients. The company has a large focus on dental care solutions, with some of the best water flosser options on the market. Fly Cat owns four automatic production lines and has the capability of outputting around two million products every year. There is a professional team behind the company. The range of the best water flosser options from Fly Cat will also be showcased at the CES 2023 event.


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