Easy & Effective: Fly Cat smart oral irrigator effectively removes plaque & tartar build-up from the treated area by cleaning the teeth thoroughly. A high-speed water jet of a smart oral irrigator reaches even hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and removes up to 99.9% of the plaque. Effectively improves overall oral health in terms of oral hygiene, healthier gums, and avoids dental caries—easy and effective way to manage the dental works of cleaning around dental implants, braces & brackets.

Portable & Rechargeable: Rechargeable batteries for more power and longer life. Use only 3 inches of space on your countertop. It comes with a water tank capacity of 300ml as compared to other smart series models to enjoy flossing for a longer duration.

Operation Modes & USB Charging: 5 modes, especially the DIY mode, can suit your various needs. Pulse mode operation massages the gums and makes them healthier. Charge through a special USB cable that comes along with the product.

Package Contents: 1 smart oral irrigator unit with 300ml attached water tank, six nozzles, 1 USB cable, and operation manual.