Now more than ever, we have eating habits that can cause lasting damage to our teeth. Without a proper daily dental care routine, bad oral health can be irreversible.

Most people have been taught that brushing your teeth twice a day is enough to maintain a healthy and balanced set of teeth and gums. Unfortunately, that is not enough. To combat bad oral hygiene and maintain a long-lasting beautiful smile, you need a portable dental water flosser

Traditionally flossing has been done with the use of dental floss, a cord of thin filaments used to clean and remove food and plaque from areas between teeth that toothbrushes have difficulty reaching. Using dental floss can lead to bleeding and inflamed gums and to achieve maximum results, it takes a lot of time and patience. There is however a much better alternative: the portable dental water flosser.

How Does A Portable Dental Water Flosser Work?

Water flossing is a process that uses an oral health device to removed food, plaque, and bacteria stuck between, under, and around your gum’s teeth. The portable water flosser is also referred to as an oral irrigator or water jet. It uses a combination of pressure and pulsation to spray a stream of water through a specially designed flosser tip.  

What makes the portable dental water flosser such a great oral health appliance is its simplicity. The portable dental water flosser has a sleek design that consists of a water tank, the main body, and a tapered flosser tip (certain models come with two or more tips) that makes even getting into the tightest spots inside your mouth an easy task. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery so you can take it with you anywhere.

How to Use A Portable Dental Water Flosser?

  1. Charge

Before you begin using your portable dental water flosser, you will need to charge the unit by plugging it into your nearest electrical wall socket.

  1. Fill Water Tank

Once the unit is fully charged, you will need to fill the water tank. Simply detach the water tank from the base of the main body, fill it with warm water, and firmly reattach it to the base of the main body.

  1. Connect Tip And Set Pressure Level

Next, connect your desired flosser tip. To remove or change the tip, press the eject button located at the top of the portable dental water flosser. Use the mode button to set the water pressure to its lowest setting. You can change the water pressure setting to your preferred mode at any time.

  1. Begin Flossing

To begin water flossing, lean over the sink, place the flosser tip in your mouth and press the power button. Close your lips around the flosser tip to prevent splashing and allow the water to flow from your mouth to the sink. Starting at the back of the mouth, move the flosser tip along your teeth, gums, and gum line pausing between each tooth. Once all your teeth and gums have been water flossed, remove the flosser tip, and you are done!


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Portable Dental Water Flosser?

  1. Cleans Hard To Reach Areas

Dental water flossers are able to clean in areas that toothbrushes and dental floss can’t, such as periodontal pockets. Using a dental water flosser greatly decreases the chances of plaque build-up, tooth decay, and corrosion to your tooth enamel which can be irreparably allowed to progress for too long.

  1. Makes Cleaning Braces Easy

Dental water flossers are especially handy if you have braces, a permanent retainer, implants, or a bridge. Special orthodontic tips can be connected to the dental water flosser to achieve maximum results when cleaning them.

  1. Stops Bleeding Gums

Excessive or incorrect use of dental floss can lead to bleeding and sore and puffy gums, water flossing is a gentle but efficient method of removing stubborn dirt, bacteria, and food particles.

  1. Combats Gingivitis

Water flossing stimulates the gums and reduces gingivitis and is a more effective way of removing plaque than flossing.

Water dental flossers are an easy and effective way to keeping healthy teeth, a fresh breath, and a beautiful smile. Fly Cat is dedicated to providing you with the best dental water flosser on the market and offers a range of portable dental flossers to meet your oral health needs. We specialize in personal care products, manufactured with quality, safety, class, and elegance. Our R&D team works tirelessly to meet and exceed the highest standards.


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